New Colony Digital Moving to Portland Fall 2019

Portland copywriter and web designer

New Colony Digital Moving to Portland Fall 2019

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I’m proud to announce that New Colony Digital will be moving to Portland, Oregon, beginning September 2019. New Colony Digital will still be serving my amazing clients in Bend and Sunriver, but I’m excited to take on new projects in Portland and all across cyberspace. The beauty of this job is the ability to work from anywhere, which means I’ll be able to continue providing great digital marketing services for my clients in Bend while enjoying all of the live music and tasty cuisine I can handle in Portland.

Exploring Cyberspace as a Portland Copywriter and Web Designer

You may have noticed through all of my marketing and branding for New Colony Digital, I refer to the Internet as cyberspace, which some may consider out of date, but the way I see it — aren’t we all trying to navigate the wild frontier that is the world wide web? We all want to be able to connect with people and the ever-growing expanse of the Internet could easily be compared to outer space. And I love spacey stuff. Cyberspace may be a throwback word, but I’m taking it back and making it new again.

New Colony Digital helps clients establish their own “new colony,” their own website in cyberspace. For many small business owners, you’re already wearing too many hats and cyberspace exploration may not be your forte. That’s where New Colony comes in. I’ve been exploring this infinite abyss since I was a pre-teen, teaching myself HTML and building websites on Angelfire about my favorite bands and movies. My career has taken me on a tour through the worlds of journalism, technology and marketing to emerge as an experienced cyberspace astronaut.

Satellite Adventures

Now, I’m ready for the next adventure. I’m swallowing my fears about leaving my hometown and this wonderful area that continues to draw visitors and residents from all over the country. I’m launching this new satellite to grow my business, help new clients in a new city and continue exploring the ever-expanding universe that is cyberspace.

I couldn’t be more excited to be available to clients in the Portland area and beyond. I’m always happy to fire up the New Colony rocketship and travel to your corner of the universe to meet about potential new projects — no matter where you live. I love being a partner for my clients and helping them discover their online potential through web design, copywriting, blogging and email marketing. I’m proud to be able to say that beginning in September I will be a full-time Portland copywriter, blog writer and web designer.

Are you located in Portland and interested in getting started on establishing your new colony in cyberspace before September? Reach out! I’m already starting to take meetings with Portland clients and would love to come to the city to meet and chat about what New Colony Digital can do for your brand online.

Thank You, Central Oregon

I would be remiss to go without thanking the wonderful communities of Bend and Sunriver for putting your trust in me to create beautiful websites for your companies. Thank you to my clients in Bend and Sunriver for taking a chance on a tattooed, music-loving space cadet. It’s because of you all that I can move to Portland and begin this next chapter of my life — exploring the infinite abyss that’s filled with great food and more live music than I could have ever dreamed of as a kid rocking out to No Doubt and building websites after snagging my dad’s HTML book. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

End transmission.

Anne Pick

Anne Pick can ride her bike with no hands, swim underwater with her eyes open and considers herself a storyteller. Anne graduated from the University of Oregon's School of Journalism and Communications. She loves music, writing, building websites and spending time with friends and family.

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